Fulcrum Query ®

Fulcrum Query® gives the developer the ability to perform criteria based querying in his or her Apex code. The concept originally came from Hibernate. If the developer is familiar with Hibernate criteria querying, then the learning curve is minimal. Fulcrum Query® will:

  • Cut development time in half
  • Cut maintenance time by a factor of four
  • Increase code stability and maintainability

The Force platform currently allows for a query to be directly injected in Apex code or a string literal to run against the Database.query. While this is fine for small projects, it slows development down in large projects when each query has to be written out and then scanned and corrected if any fields on the Objects or Custom Objects have changed. Results:

  • Slows down development to write out each query and correct queries when fields change
  • Slows down maintenance when field changes often equate to code changes
  • Changes to fields could cause code instability

The Fulcrum Query® package is an abstraction layer to quickly build queries in code by focusing on the criteria logic. The select fields are determined and added to the select statement automatically. Since select fields are never directly stated like they are in direct injected queries, code does not need to be corrected every time a field on an Object or Custom Object changes. Results:

  • Reduces development time since code only needs to focus on criteria logic
  • Reduces maintenance time since field changes do not necessarily equate to code changes
  • Changes to fields are unlikely to cause code instability

Experience the power of Fulcrum Query® first hand by downloading your FREE copy from the App Exchange. View package documentation here.