Enterprise Social Network

Fulcrum’s Enterprise Social Network is a simple and effective solution for organizations that want
to take advantage of the benefits that social mediums have to offer in regards to connecting and
facilitating the collaboration of their employees. The solution also allows the
organization to connect with their partners and clients with the same benefits, while also allowing
the organization to leverage real time feedback and ideas. Enterprise Social Network
is underpinned by Salesforce.com’s world class Force.com cloud computing platform.

  • Branded and tailored to the organization’s needs
  • A private social network that protects intellectual property and confidential information
  • Attracts top shelf employees, partners, and clients
  • Allows employees to connect and collaborate in real time
  • Allows organizations to gain invaluable intelligence directly from employees, partners, and clients
  • Allows organizations to track trends in traffic, ideas, and feedback
  • Full integration with Google and Outlook Calendars
  • Full integration with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn