Our Customers

Fulcrum Collaborations delivers custom application development, service, support and evolution services to Fortune 100 and 500 firms located in 40 countries across 4 continents, including Wells Fargo. These firms, and many others, benefit from the constantly evolving business solutions brought about by Fulcrum’s continued collaboration with our clients.

We work directly with both the business units who experience complex and costly problems as a regular part of their daily operations, as well as C-suite executives who need real-time business intelligence, to develop and evolve a solution that fits their current needs while remaining flexible enough to grow and evolve with their changing business and the external environment.

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What our clients are saying:

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Retail Banking Creative Services

“…the relationship diagram that you sent was brilliantly designed, and I can really see how it will be a great long term solution…The junction object used to avoid forced duplication is genius…I REALLY appreciate your dedication to this project & your patience and I think that after all is said and done, we will have a FABULOUS system that we can rave about to the rest of the company.”

Roxana Arango, Lead Project Manager

Fortune 30 Financial Services Firm

What our platform partner thinks about us

“I have managed the Salesforce.com relationship with Wells Fargo Bank for 6+ years. Michael Dongieux is one of the very best, most knowledgeable, highly skilled professionals I have worked with in my career. He was the presenter at the Wells Fargo Bank Executive Architecture Council for the top 40 EAs at Wells last year. We invited him to Dreamforce at our expense. He is terrific, and you have my complete endorsement of his skill set. You are indeed fortunate to have him.”

Tyler Hofinga, Director, Enterprise Accounts


Collaboration in Financial Services

“Fulcrum Collaborations has provided excellent service and innovation for my customer. As the Director with a prominent outsourcing firm for a large financial customer, I am always looking for better solutions to provide the tools needed to enhance their productivity and leverage the use of others through a collaborative platform. I have been impressed by the capability to customize a solution for each customer, and the leadership of Fulcrum Collaborations.

At the on-set the need to bring multiple partners together within a common platform to gather real time data, with a limited budget, through an ever changing time, seemed close to impossible. Many opinions – some for and others against, made this effort even more difficult. Fulcrum Collaborations' patience and perseverance allowed for each step to move us closer to our goal. The Fulcrum team was able to move a very large customer toward a solution. Some thought it would be impossible to have multiple outsource providers working together; however, Fulcrum Collaborations was able to make this happen.”

Cathy Hice, Vice President

Jones Lange LaSalle

Top Notch Support and Evolution

I have been a client of Fulcrum Collaborations since the beginning and their customer service is top notch. Response times are beyond expectations and solutions to technical issues are delivered with exceptional consideration for how we use our product . A forward thinking company, they consistently collaborate on the latest and greatest options for making our information work for us in the most efficient and economical way possible. A great asset to any company, large or small.

Missylyn Keene - Sr. Data Analyst, Critical Facilities