Announcing the launch of the first ever system to manage all things Mission Critical: Mission Critical Information Management!

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Fulcrum Collaborations, a cloud-computing solution provider, is setting the standard for mission critical systems. From its inception, MCIM was uniquely designed to seamlessly integrate all essential components necessary to effectively manage a top tier facility in one easy-to-use system.

Fulcrum Collaborations, a Richmond, VA based cloud-computing company, announces the launch of the Mission Critical Information Management (MCIM) system.  MCIM is designed to provide an all-inclusive solution to fill the system-gap that exists between corporate facilities and IT – pioneering the wilderness of critical facilities.  By including all key elements of mission critical in one system, MCIM solves the problem most large organizations face of how to effectively centralize, standardize & automate the management of the global facilities portfolio.

MCIM was designed to be the central hub for a broad spectrum of users by incorporating operational & analytical features in one system. For example, the operational features of MCIM support transactional day-to-day activities such as change control process administration, incident reporting, maintenance, and routine facility rounds. Meanwhile, the business intelligence and decision support elements distill and compare operational data with industry benchmarks to enable a strategic analysis of the critical facility portfolio – helping to align facility outputs with data center needs not just at one site but across a portfolio of sites.

Based on the Uptime Institute’s Facility Tier Topologies, MCIM provides instant access to a full-spectrum view of all critical facility profile information. From a single screen you can view equipment nameplate information, maintenance and incident history, past meter readings, interdependencies with other equipment, cost and lifecycle information and much more. MCIM ensures that preventive & corrective maintenance, emergency repairs, user group & landlord requests, equipment replacements, and construction projects are rigorously planned and meticulously executed in accordance with established critical facility governance protocols to minimize risk. Likewise, be prepared with audit-required maintenance & compliance reporting for both high-impact, critical and low-impact, non-critical engineering and IT infrastructure assets.

Studies overwhelmingly show that the majority of system downtime is caused by preventable failures. MCIM allows you to easily capture and communicate incidents, administer post-problem reviews, dissect and classify causes of failure, and implement new policies to prevent them from happening again. Even better, you’ll observe quantified results immediately through uptime reporting on your engineering and IT assets, applications, business units and customer channels, through configurable dashboards and reports.

“The MCIM Team came from the critical facility world and knows the industry. With MCIM, we don’t have to deal with multiple, disparate systems to perform different tasks. MCIM handles everything, from critical change requests to incident reporting, uptime analytics, mobile meter readings, audit readiness and much more — and when we want to enhance existing functionality or develop entirely new modules, The MCIM Team makes the process quick, cost-effective and painless. The reporting and dashboarding engines are terrific — they give us the visibility we need to make informed decisions. MCIM being hosted on the world’s #1 enterprise cloud computing platform is a major plus. Users can access data securely from anywhere in the world, anytime, from a computer or a mobile device. MCIM elevates us to the level of a trusted advisor to our clients.” – Michael Conlon, Operations Director, NYC, Jones Lang LaSalle

Fulcrum is comprised of facilities management and IT professionals who understand how to deliver powerful, cost-effective solutions for the facilities management community. Our business began with a commission from a global Fortune 100 financial services firm to create a cloud computing solution to centralize, standardize and automate the management of their global critical facilities. The Fulcrum Team took the lessons learned in that effort, and many more that followed, and developed Mission Critical Information Management (MCIM), now used by Fortune 100 and 500 firms to streamline operations in over 40 countries across 4 continents.

“At Fulcrum we believe that success occurs at the intersection of opportunity & preparedness.  Similarly, our genesis is intertwined with the choice to take an educated risk – to provide a solution where one didn’t exist – solving a problem that was pervasive throughout the industry. Our vision for MCIM is continuous growth & evolution, to set the standard in management & reporting technology for mission critical.”  – Justin Dodge, Director of Sales, Fulcrum Collaborations

At Fulcrum, we believe that a shared vision for success and a common, thorough understanding of our clients’ objectives and challenges is something that can only be attained through close collaboration. We work directly with both the business units who experience complex and costly problems as a regular part of their daily operations, as well as C-suite executives who need real-time business intelligence, to develop and evolve a solution that fits their current needs while remaining flexible enough to grow and evolve with their changing business and the external environment. This is why in almost every case, our projects lead to long-term partnerships through which constant collaboration leads to unexpected insights that help our clients go farther, faster.

To learn more about Mission Critical Information Management, visit, or call 855-MCIM-NOW.