About Us

Fulcrum Collaborations is a business and technology consulting firm combining strong analytical rigor and smart technology to create unexpected insights that help our clients go farther, faster.

Fulcrum Collaborations is a leading provider of design, development and implementation services for enterprise-grade SaaS and cloud computing solutions. We are recognized by Salesforce.com as one of the best, most experienced providers of custom Force.com solutions and consulting services across the entire solution life-cycle, from business analysis and development all the way to change management, service, support and evolution after implementation. Fulcrum Collaborations’ services and solutions are an integral part of small, medium and large businesses around the world, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 firms in over 40 countries across 4 continents.

Working together, we will solve the unsolvable for your business by coupling your organizational knowledge with our ability to masterfully integrate discrete information centers and produce world-class SaaS and cloud computing solutions.

Our Story

Fulcrum Collaborations was born out of our team’s journey to bring the first custom SaaS solutions to fruition for 3 global Fortune 100 firms.

At Fulcrum Collaborations, we have our roots in the large enterprise. Working in-house for a Fortune 100 financial services firm after the turn of the century, we pitched a crazy idea to leverage the Salesforce.com Saas platform — at the time known only for CRM — to build a completely custom Saas solution. There was a pressing need to solve a major logistical challenge that was causing frequent financial losses for the firm. The problem spanned well beyond corporate borders, to a network of 4 major outsourced partners and countless sub-contractors. The mission was clear — liberate the people from the oppression caused by managing a complex process through discrete information centers, and unite the company and its partners through a single system that could be accessed quickly — anywhere, anytime. After only 4 weeks, a working prototype had been developed, tested and deployed in a pilot program to a small group that represented 1% of the whole. 4 weeks later after a successful pilot, the global project was unanimously approved and deployment was fast-tracked to the remaining 99%. The entire project was completed for less than half the cost of the lowest alternative and was up and running around the globe in only 3 short months.

Word of the innovation spread quickly, both within the company and beyond. It wasn’t long before the phone began ringing, with companies interested in replicating our success in their own enterprises. Fulcrum Collaborations was born.

Just like our journey with our first client, our bond with our customers runs deep. We believe that a shared vision for success and a common, thorough understanding of our clients’ objectives and challenges is something that can only be attained through close collaboration. This is why in almost every case, our projects lead to long-term partnerships through which constant collaboration leads to unexpected insights that help our clients go farther, faster.

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